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Gummy Smile – “Altered passive eruption”

Gummy smiles are usually caused by the failure of the teeth to fully erupt or excessive wear of the teeth usually due to attrition. This leads to them being embedded inside the gum and jawbone more than they should be or having very short crowns. The result of which is that the patient has very short teeth and excess gum shows especially if they have a high smile line. Cosmetic gum treatments provide solutions for many of these patients.

Crown lengthening procedure is extremely beneficial and straightforward after a consultation and dental x rays to determine the problem. After the appointment the smile is immediately transformed. The procedure involves some removal of the gum tissue and in some cases a small amount of the bone surrounding the root (usually in the case of wear attrition). The actual procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and usually takes one appointment. This removal does not lead to any reduction in support of the tooth but an amazing smile transformation. Following crown lengthening procedure for wear cases, the teeth can be either restored with Porcelain veneers or Porcelain crowns.

correct gummy smile surgical treatment

Crown lengthening procedure : Can be used when teeth are worn

Crown lengthening can also greatly improve the appearance of the anterior teeth in the case of a gummy smile by removing excess gum tissue and some cases the underlying bone also. In addition this surgery can also be used prior to any veneer or crown placement to achieve symmetrical gum contour. Usually all this can be done in one visit and the patient walks away with an aesthetic smile.

Short and inadequate tooth length prevents the placement and retention of a new crown or bridge. This procedure increases the amount of tooth structure to support a crown or bridge by contouring the gingiva and the underlying bone. In addition it can also be used to improve the appearance of the anterior teeth prior to any advanced dental treatment or by removing excess gum tissue in the case of a “gummy” smile.

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