Gum recession treatment and gum contouring

Gum recession treatment and gum contouring

Gum recession occurs when the gum surrounding the top moves down towards the root. The leads to the exposure of the root dentine and can cause many symptoms such as sensitivity to hot/cold/sweet foods and drinks. Further recession exposes more of the root and as the root is made of dentine which is much softer than enamel, the incidence of root decay becomes much more likely as well. Gum recession can be caused by many factors as indicated in the table below.

Over brushing your teeth
Thin gum (biotype)
Gum disease (periodontitis)
Inadequate oral hygiene
Orthodontic treatment
Badly fitting dentures/Crowns/Bridgework
Periodontal pocket reduction surgery
Table showing the reasons for receding gums

Gum contouring surgical procedure -
How a periodontist can cure your receding gums

The main area of the gums that suffer from recession is the gum outside of the teeth rather than the tongue/roof of mouth side. There are many ways to cover the root recession but all of them depend on the jaw bone and gum to be present in between the teeth. This is required as it will be able to support the new gum graft. If there is good amount of bone and gum between the roots then almost 100% root covering can be achieved. Even if you have lost some bone, we may still be able to cover some of the exposed root. Root coverage grafting is a surgical procedure and Dr Ubhi has been performing this since 1995 when he was a postgraduate dentist at Liverpool University Dental School.

gum recession due to over brushing

Gum recession and sensitivity cured by surgery

This procedure involves taking a small graft from the roof of the mouth and surgically attaching this to the exposed root and then the gum is pulled over this. This is known as coronally replaced flap with a subepithelial connective tissue graft. However this does involve two surgical procedures: one to harvest the gum tissue and the secondly to place it onto the root. Nowadays a new material called Mucograft can be used instead of the graft from the roof of the mouth. This is porcine collagen made by company called Geistlich Biomaterials. Patients who have had this done have been pleased as there is less discomfort with only surgical procedure. We have had great success with this product with the results have being comparable with using graft from the roof of the mouth.

Plastic periodontal surgery and gum contouring

The goal of periodontal plastic surgery is to provide hard and soft tissue reconstruction to regenerate form and function around teeth and dental implants. Gum contouring is usually performed with microsurgical instruments under magnification with minimal discomfort and shorter healing times. These various procedures can greatly assist in general/cosmetic dentistry to achieve more aesthetic and long lasting final restorations.

gum contouring can cure sensitivity

Gum contouring can cure sensitivity

The use of soft tissue grafts can be used in areas where there is lack of keratinised tissue. Lack of keratinised tissue can lead to recession and also make daily oral hygiene routine less effective/painful. This is one of the most predictable and successful surgical procedures available and can be done around both implants and teeth to give a more resilient gingival soft tissue. The graft is usually taken from the palate. Connective tissue grafts from the palate can be used to predictably cover exposed roots and also around implants as well. The use of microsurgical techniques has greatly enhanced the predictability and success rate whilst minimising post operative discomfort